Lead the service-desk industry with a compelling UX design

Innovate the IT Service Management clunky, a decade-old tool to provide better UX for the IT Analysts.


Ca Technologies (A Broadcom's company)


Deliver the compelling user experience for the ServiceDesk IT Analysts through understanding their challenges.


UX Design Lead


UX Strategy, Design Direction, Design System, Team Lead, UX Workshops


Broadcom’s Clarity (formerly known as Ca xFlow) needed to improve the efficiency and experiences for their core customers, the ServiceDesk Analysts from an outdated, lack of context, decade old tool.


Delivered a number of industry-first UX features were designed to meet the expectations of the modern Support Analysts and the way they work, including: the Ticket-Card view, the Weather, Heat, Story Timeline, Contextual Search.


As a UX lead:

+ Provided UX methodology to generate solutions through workshops and design sprints
+ Participated the research process and translated findings/data into designs
+ Designed the end-to end experiences for each feature
+ Conduct user testing and research to test and validate ideas
+ Develop the Design System to give UX guidance to designers and developers
+ Guided GUI development to ensure intended design objectives
+ Monitored progress to keep projects on schedule
+ Collaborated with the marketing team to generate go-to-market materials

Responsible for creations of:

+ UX/UI strategy of the overall design
+ Wireframes, lo-fi, hi-fi mockups
+ Prototyping
+ Specs/documentation to guide developers
+ Design system
+ Marketing animation teaser



Get into the Problem space

Ca Technologies wanted to take the lead in the IT Service Management industry by modernizing its decade-old tool, Ca ITSM (new brand name is Ca xFlow).

Tier 1 Analysts, the main ITSM users had to work around this limited tool to provide better customer service. The followings are the key challenges: 

- Difficult to understand what is happening in the environment. Shift changes are manual and occur outside the tool. “How do I react?”
- Ticket focus vs. Customer Service focus. “What do I work on next?”
- Filling out a form vs. solving the customer’s issue
- Research and Collaboration are not supported in current tools.
- SLA and report metrics are faulty measures



The Persona

There were many archetypes emerged from the research but in order to go deep, the team decided to target the Tier 1 Support Analyst.

Dustin Sinelli, 26
Helpdesk Analyst, BDT


  • Dustin S. is the Level 1 Support Analyst who (first responder to your IT calls) uses Ca xFlow tool to triage multiple tickets
  • Diagnose correctly and route the ticket to the right person
  • Hands-on about prioritization
  • Service desk team-oriented 


  • Stay out of trouble
  • Deliver the best service he can within constraints
  • Have his colleagues’ back - so they’ll have his
  • Become a Tier 1B Specialist


The customer journey

For the initial MVP, we chose to stay on the target in support of traditional ticket-based architecture, IT analyst and business users and how this would look like in the entire spectrum of IT service management picture.


This is the point at which as a team we start to move from the broad to the more specific, so we need to prioritize our attention.

After a week of in-person workshop, I applied the Design Thinking methodology to lead the team to reframe our wide design challenge into scenarios to guide Dustin to the happy paths to reach his goals.


How might we...Design a UX framework to help our ITSM Tier 1 Support Analyst to have a better context of his environment so that he can prioritize his ticket queue more effectively hence provide better services to his customers?

In reframing the problem from the original lofty objective, we have narrowed down to below Use Cases that will alleviate Dustin’s 2 immediate scenarios:

1. How do I react to the shift changes?
2. What do I work on next?

How do I react to the shift changes?

Existing ITSM tools and processes break down in transfers between teams

Where disparate teams work it on disparate types of tickets, handoffs are messy.

The toolkits from Ca and other ITSM tool vendors work in terms of distinct tickets for incidents, requests, problems, and changes. People working with them described how the flow between the different ticket processes did not retain the relationships they wanted.





After 4 agile sprints, here is the demo of our first build:


+ 2016 ITSM Innovation of Year Award

+ Industry impact: the UX design has been adopted widely in tools like LogicHub, ServiceNow

+ SUS (system usability scale) 8.3/10 Ease of Use

"Effective and efficient tool. I've used at 5 other tool flavors, and the training aspect for those was much more extensive than this, with less retention. CA's tool is much more intuitive and user friendly. "

–Nora O, Sr. Director, IT Service Management

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