Environmentalize an established brand

Innovate the IT Service Management clunky, a decade-old tool to provide better UX for the IT Analysts.




Bring Oracle and Java One brands to the San Francisco outdoor.


Design Strategy, Design Direction, Project Management, Team Lead


Brand Design, Largescale Graphics, Print and Creative Marketing, Project Lead


Oracle needed branding experience for their 2011 OpenWorld event, including the main Oracle and JavaOne in separate venues in the heart of San Francisco city.


Delivered a cohesive yet powerful branding for a OOW11 success.


Design Director, Creative and Project Team Lead of 6 designers


Environmental design is an unique branding challenge. The goal is to present information within three-dimentional space and to guide, inform, direct attendees.

There are hundreds forms, formats, and most importantly, the purposes for such the event like this scale. They can include brand signage, way-finding system, retail graphics, product/service information to name a few.

To set a design strategy for the project was to have a point of view on how the we communicate the message in a visual, impactful way.

The strategy for a design director to solve this complex problem is a 4 step process:

1. Define / 2. Design / 3. Develop / 4. Deploy


As a design team, we started with the creative brief which outlined the Business strategies and Marketing/Sales requirements for the project. We also include all the needs/wants from the stakeholders as well as the restrictions of budgets, spaces, creative approaches. Many meetings had happened to sharpen the Key Messaging which we needed to support with the creatives and designs.




I conducted brainstorm workshops for the team to come up with the main visual design concept to support the Key Message of the event.


As we narrow down ideas to 3 strongest concepts. We then the major of the time to develop these ideas into mood-boards to give directions how each concept can be applied into various forms and formats in the key environments.


I presented the moodboards to the stakeholders to get alignment. One of the moodboards was selected with some edits.



Edits/input from previous step was implemented. Below are the design of the final approved design in context of key applications such as way-finding systems, signage, building wraps, out-of-home (OOH) graphics, etc.






I managed a large log of graphics listing all the needed designs for the events. There were 1000+ items in this log that needed design work.

I spent the next 4 months (May, June, July, August) to birth every design on the log.
Each design then went through the smaller review process: Design > Review > Iterations > Deploy to Printing


Open World 11 is one of the largest tradeshows of Oracle's history."
– Oracle Executive

The event was a huge win. As the team, we celebrated not only accomplished the task successfully but we had set a new bar for Oracle visual brand.

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