Design a Unified Digital Platform Experience

Innovate the IT Service Management clunky, a decade-old tool to provide better UX for the IT Analysts.




Design a single-pane-of-glass experience for developers who love to build messaging apps


Head of Design, UX and Branding


UX Strategy, Design Direction, Design System, Team Lead, UX Workshops


Disparate consoles and platforms make the onboard process a clunky, time-consuming mixtures of on-line and off-line procedures


+ Reimagine the logged-out experience to provide helpful context and all necessary learning tools for developers to feel confident to sign up
+ Once he signs up, designed a guided experience to hand-hold the developer to build his first app seamlessly


+ Establish the direction, vision, and methodology for the execution of each design project
+ Hands-on designing the end-to end experiences
+ Develop the Design System to give UX guidance to designers and developers
+ Build meaningful relationships within the organization between the Design team and cross functional teams



Access the current landscape

In this phase, I conducted 3 components to quickly gather the understanding the problem space:

Evaluate existing to quickly identify and

Holistic inventory of components across all consoles to identify gaps for a robust Syniverse design system
to understand real-world usage, breakdowns and workarounds of current UI; and to gain insight for design of new features by observing and interviewing users

The customer journey

Through 1 week long in-person workshop, as a team, we have identified 4 areas where the customers interacted with Syniverse offerings: Learn & Explore, Evaluate & Purchase, Onboard & Activate, Use & Upgrade.



Define the roadmap for design

+ Focus on the design-led process to retool the framework structure

+  Prioritize the Needs of Developer’s on messaging app building is the core of the MVP

+ Releases in phases iterative approach, refining the solutions based on customers’ feedback as we go

Define the users

Through the persona exercise, 5 archetypes had emerged. I guided the team to home in on each of the persona’s challenges/goals/needs based on their motivations.

Define the Design Strategies

We narrowed down to 3 major design sprint to focus solutions for:

Sprint 1 : Framework Structure
Sprint 2 : Messaging App Builder design
Sprint 3 : Documentation Revamp
Sprint 4 :  Reimagine the public facing website
Sprint 5 : Design System


Sprint 1 : Framework Structure

Goal: How might we design a seamless navigation among applications and products?

Sprint 2 : Messaging App Builder Design

Goal: How might we guide Rolland, the Developer to build his first app using a Syniverse's API within 5 minutes?

Final Outcome:

Messaging Console Dashboard with new Navigation paradigm

A 3 step process to guide the Developer to build his messaging app with Syniverse API

Dashboard view displays a list of Messaging Apps

Sprint 3 : Documentation Revamp

Goal: How might we provide easy to follow and access Syniverse API Reference so Rolland, the Developer can follow to reference?

An improved documentation hub with easy navigate and access API reference

Sprint 4 :  Reimagine the public facing website

Goal: How might we design an engaging public facing website experience to showcase the best capabilities of Syniverse APIs?

New branding landing page
Full new landing page

Sprint 5 : Design System

Goal: How might we design an on-brand design system to execute product features with speed, consistency, and quality.

A comprehensive design system implemented across apps and platforms






“The new app builder is 100x better experience.” Nationwide

6X UX Improvement

20% increase in adoption

$1M volume in Q1

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